The Doors - Live At The Bowl '68

A1   Start Show/Intro    
A2   When The Music's Over    
A3   Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)    
A4   Back Door Man    
A5   Five To One    
A6   Back Door Man (Reprise)    
B1   The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)    
B2   Hello, I Love You    
B3   Moonlight Drive    
B4   Horse Latitudes    
B5   A Little Game    
B6   The Hill Dwellers    
B7   Spanish Caravan    
C1   Hey, What Would You Guys Like To Hear?    
C2   Wake Up!    
C3   Light My Fire    
C4   Light My Fire (Segue)    
C5   The Unknown Soldier    
D1   The End (Segue)    
D2   The End


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    2 LP
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  • Издательство
    Elektra Records
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  • Специальное издание
    Stiker: The Entire Legendary Live Show Available Now For The First Time Includes The Lost Tracks Hello, I Love You; The Wasp (Texas Radio and The Bid Beat ); Spanish Caravan; Lasquers Cut at The Mastering Lab
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