Keith Jarrett ‎– Sun Bear Concerts

A Kyoto Part I a 25:13
B Kyoto Part I b 19:44
C Kyoto Part II a 17:03
D Kyoto Part II b 18:31
E Osaka Part I a 19:58
F Osaka Part I b 19:27
G Osaka Part II a 21:29
H Osaka Part II b 9:40
I Nagoya Part I a 17:30
J Nagoya Part I b 18:50
K Nagoya Part II a 20:02
L Nagoya Part II b 24:19
M Tokyo Part I a 24:34
N Tokyo Part I b 16:07
O Tokyo Part II a 22:08
P Tokyo Part II b 21:58
Q Sapporo Part I a 22:07
R Sapporo Part I b 19:16
S Sapporo Part II a 26:24
T Sapporo Part II b 19:14
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    10 LP
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  • Greitis
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    ECM 1100
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    ECM Records
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  • Specialus leidimas
    Numbered. An exclusive ZEIT booklet that comes with the box brings together three long talks with the artist from three decades. In these very rare interviews, Keith Jarrett talks to ZEIT about his handling of jazz standards, his mysterious illness and the future of music. He explains when he has found his own sound and what makes him happy about France. Together, the interviews, originally published in 1986, 1999 and 2007, paint an exciting and personal portrait of the exceptional artist, who is considered unapproachable.
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