1. General provisions

1.1. The present Rules of Sale and Purchase (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") is a legally binding document establishing the mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Customer (hereinafter referred to as "You") and the Seller (hereinafter referred to as "We") for Your purchase of the items in the online shop (hereinafter referred to as the "e-shop").

1.2. To begin shopping in the e-shop, You may either sign up for the e-shop website or purchase the items as a guest. 

1.3. When buying on the e-shop website, You agree with these Rules without any reservation.

1.4. When registering on the e-shop website and agreeing to these Rules, You warrant that You have the right, without any restrictions, to purchase the items sold in the e-shop, i.e. You are:

1.4.1. a capable natural person;

1.4.2. a minor from fourteen to eighteen years of age, with a permission of Your parents or guardians;

1.4.3. a legal person / its agent.

1.5. When agreeing to these Rules, You also agree to receive to Your e- mail the communications necessary for placing an order, execution of a payment and delivery, as well as You agree with the use of the e-mail address for the direct marketing and research purposes. If You do not agree with the use of Your e-mail address for the direct marketing and / or research purposes, please notify via e-mail.


2. Moment of conclusion of the purchase and sale contract

2.1. The contract between You and us shall be considered as concluded from the moment You click on the buttons "Order" or "Buy", having previously formed a shopping cart in the e-shop, indicated the delivery address, selected a payment method and familiarised yourself with our Rules. 

2.2 Any contract concluded between us and You shall be kept at the e-shop. 


3. Your rights

3.1. You have the right to buy the items in the e-shop in accordance with the present Rules and the e-shop's procedures. 

3.2. You shall be entitled to withdrawal from the sale and purchase contract with the e-shop by notifying us in writing (via e-mail, indicating the item You chose to return and its order number) no later than within 7 (seven) days from the delivery of the item, except when the contract was concluded for the: 

3.2.1. delivery of audiovisual works and phonograms in any sound-or image-bearing media, computer programs, after the packaging was breached by the consumer; 

3.2.2. delivery of newspapers, magazines or other periodicals; 

3.2.3. participation in games or lotteries; 

3.2.4. in other cases, when the withdrawal from the contract of sale and purchase is not possible under the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania. 

3.3. You shall be entitled to return the items unless the item being returned has been damaged or its appearance has changed significantly, as well as if it has not been used. 

3.4. We are not responsible for the differences in colour, shape or other characteristics of the item in the e-shop from the actual characteristics of the items due to the particulars of the hardware Your were using.


4. You undertake

4.1. To accept the items ordered and pay the agreed price for them. 

4.2. To update the data in Your registration form immediately upon the change thereof. We cannot be held responsible for the proper performance of our contract in case of the failure to update the data.

4.3. You agree to abide and be bound by these Rules when You use the e-shop. 


5. Our rights 

5.1. In case of Your attempts to undermine the work or stable operation of the e-shop, we may restrict or suspend Your access to the e-shop without prior notice or cancel Your registration. 

5.2. In the event of serious circumstances, we may temporarily suspend or terminate operations of the e-shop without giving prior notice to You. 

5.3. We may unilaterally change the terms and conditions of these Rules at any time. You will be notified of any changes made at the time of your logging into the e-shop and, in order to do shopping in this online shop, You will have to re-accept the modified terms and conditions. In case of Your non-acceptance of the modified terms and conditions, we reserve the right not to accept Your order.

5.4. We have the right to determine, at our discretion, the minimum size of a shopping cart, that is the minimum amount starting from which Your order would be accepted for fulfilment. 


6. We undertake

6.1. To create all the conditions for Your proper use of the e-shop services. 

6.2. To deliver Your ordered items to the address provided by You, within the agreed delivery period. 

6.3. In the event of serious circumstances, being unable to deliver the item You have ordered, we undertake to offer You an item of the same kind; in case of Your refusal to accept the item of the same kind, we undertake to refund You the money paid, within 10 (ten) working days. 

6.4. After You have exercised the right to return the item, we undertake to refund You the money paid, within 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of the item returned.


7. Delivery

7.1. The items shall be delivered in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania and the territories of the countries indicated in the order form. For delivery to anotherterritory which was not mentioned, You need to apply to the e-shop individually by e-mail; such an order shall not be subject to these Rules.

7. 2. The cost of delivery shall be visible upon Your confirmation of the order.

7.3. The items shall be delivered only upon receipt of Your full payment for the items and crediting thereof into our bank account provided in the order confirmation. If a full payment for the items is not received within72 hours from the time of the order confirmation, Your order will be cancelled.

7.4. The items held in stock in the Lithuanian territory are usually delivered within 2 to 3 (two to three) working days from the date of payment confirmation. The items shipped under a special order shall be delivered within the agreed time. You agree that, in exceptional cases, the delivery of the items may be delayed due to unexpected circumstances beyond our control. In this case, we shall be obliged to immediately contact You and coordinate the terms and conditions of transfer of the items.

7.5. You shall be obliged to accept the items in person. In case You are unable to accept the items in person and the items are delivered to the address indicated by You and on the basis of other data provided by You, You shall not have the right to make claims for the delivery of the items to a wrong person.

7.6. At the time of delivery of the items, You have to check, together with us or our authorised representative, the condition of the items delivered in the parcel and sign on the item Delivery Sheet. 

7.7. Upon signing of the Delivery Sheet by You, it shall be considered that the items in the parcel are of the proper condition, and the package was transferred properly as well, and You have no claims for the items in the parcel. 

7.8. Upon noticing external damage to the items in a parcel (hole(s), bent(s), abrasion(s), corrosion damage(s), etc.), You must be obliged to note that in the delivery-acceptance certificate and to execute, in the presence of us or our authorized representative, a free-form certificate of damage (non-conformity) to the parcel and/or the item. Upon your failure to do so, we shall be held harmless by You from liability for any damages to the items, if such damages resulted not from the factory rejects or the non-compliance of completeness of the items, provided these non-compliances can be identified through external examination of the items.

7.9. You have the right to file a claim against us, within 2 (two) days from the date of receipt of the items, for non-compliances identified at a later time and recorded in the certificates. In this case, we undertake to examine the claim within 10 (ten) working days and, if the claim is found reasonable, offer You the return of the items or their replacement with the items in compliance with the requirements of the quality, or the reduction of the price of the items.


8. Return of the items

8.1. The return of the items shall be executed in accordance with the "Rules of provision of the sales of goods and provision of services under the contracts concluded using the means of communication" approved on 29 June 2001 by the Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuanian No. 217 "On the approval of return and replacement rules" and the Order of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania No. 258.

8.2. The item to be returned must be fully completed. You shall be fully responsible for a full completion and packaging of the item. Our representatives or we will not accept the item as a return unless the item is fully completed and properly packed.

8.3. The item must be returned in the packaging in which it was delivered. Packaging must be free from damages, clean, properly prepared and packed.

8.4. Should You withdraw from the purchase and sale contract no later than 7 (seven) working days from the date of delivery of the items, the items shall be returned, at Buyer's expense, within 15 (fifteen) days of Your written notification of the withdrawal from the purchase and sale contract.

8.5. Upon return of the defective item, we undertake to collect the defective item and replace it with the item of the same kind. In case the item of the same kind is not available, we shall return You the money paid for the item.


9. Liability

9.1. You shall be held fully liable for the correctness of the information provided in the registration form. In case of your failure to supply accurate information in the registration form, we shall not be responsible for the ensuing consequences.

9.2. You shall be held liable for Your actions while using the e-shop.

9.3. You are responsible for the transmission of registration code to the third parties. If Your registration code is being used by the third parties, You shall be held liable for the actions thereof.

9.4. We are not responsible for the information provided at other companies' websites, even if these websites are accessed by You through the links on the e-shop. 

9.5. In the case of damage, the defaulting party shall compensate the losses incurred by the other party. 


10. Notification 

10.1. All our notifications shall be sent to the e-mail provided in Your registration form. 

10.2. All Your notifications and inquiries shall be sent to the e-mail address of the e-shop 


11. Final provisions

11.1. These Rules are subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

11.2. All disputes arising in respect of the enforcement of the Rules shall be dealt with by negotiation. In case of failure to reach a resolution, the dispute shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in the courts by our company's place of registration.



Delivery of the items (general information)


The items are delivered in the territory of Lithuania (with the exception of the Curonian Spit) by a courier of UAB "Venipak".

The items are delivered within 2 to 3 working days after the payment confirmation.

Delivery cost shall be LTL 12.


Withdrawal of the items free of charge


The items ordered from the e-shop can be collected free of charge in Vilnius, at "Rūdninkų" bookstore located at Rūdninkų g. 20,Vilnius, on working days from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., on Saturdays from 10:00 am 5:00 p.m., on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You will be required to show Your identity document.


Delivery of the items in the Curonian Spit


The items shall be sent to the Curonian Spit by registered post.

Parcel mailing cost -


Delivery of the items in foreign countries


The items shall be sent to foreign countries by registered post.

Shipping cost to the EU countries shall be LTL 27 per each item purchased.

Shipping cost to non-EU countries shall be LTL 38 per each item purchased. Postal services are provided in accordance with the terms and conditions established in the laws of Republic of Lithuania, available at the website